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    Grooming is not a luxury, it is a necessity!       

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New Year Package!

Any annual package activated before 5th January 2015 will get an additional 5% discount. 

Annual Maintenance Package 

  • 10 Grooming sessions in one year
  • Valid only if paid in lump sum
  • Choose any of the service mentioned below
  • You get a discount of 15% on the total amount 

Anti Tick Package

  • Number of sessions will vary depending on the severity of parasite infestation.
  • For every 5 sessions you would get 1 session free
  • Appointment only on Monday and Wednesday.

Medicated Bath Package

  • As advised by veterinarian, we give medicated baths using the prescribed products for treating skin rashes, infection.
  • We also have oil massage and aroma baths for hair loss
  • For every 5 sessions you would a get 1 session free.

Show Dog Grooming Package

  • Tailor made breed specific grooming
  • Prep before the show
  • High quality products 
  • 2 Free show grooming sessions
  • Expert guidance for over all maintenance

De Matting

  • Especially for long haired dogs.
  • Hot oil treatments, deep conditioning and brushing for clean soft and tangle free coat.
  • Needs to be groomed once in 2/3 weeks depending on the length of coat.
  • Banding and wrapping for long coat maintenance.